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Armand Pinel hiking Hermit trail in Glacier National Park British Columbia, mountain view


Prevention, Maintenance, Treatment

Practicing in Strathmore, Alberta

Armand Pinel, Strathmore massage therapist, duathlete, wearing a Team Canada triathlon suit with F2C Nutrition logo
Armand Pinel's Massage Therapy Room at Centerpoint Chiropractic Strathmore



My passion for hiking, backpacking and the sport of duathlon (a run-bike-run format), has taught me the importance of preventative care, taking measures to improve and maintain my health and if need be, seek treatment in the off-chance of injury. I realized early in life that if I wish to continue pursuing my passions as I age, that I need to take my health seriously. Massage therapy is a great tool to help achieve our goals of prevention, maintenance and treatment, in our push to continue the activities we love. 


After moving to Strathmore in 2005 with my wife, I completed the 2200hr program at the Foothills College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2006 and became a member of the Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapist Association. Since then I have taken numerous courses including:

Strathmore Location

I have been practicing out of Centerpoint Chiropractic in Strathmore, Alberta, since 2017. 

Armand Pinel, Strathmore massage therapist, hiking Abbott Ridge trail in Glacier National Park
Armand Pinel, Registered Massage Therapist, Strathmore
Massage therapy technique on back

Therapeutic Massage

massage therapy offered by Armand Pinel in Strathmore

Therapeutic Massage encompasses the use of terms and techniques such as relaxation, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, cross-fiber frictions and PNF stretching. With Therapeutic Massage, therapists consider the goals you wish to achieve from receiving treatment, your medical history and any current injury or symptoms, and tailors your treatment based on that information. Whether you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, a recent sprain, back pain or just want to relax, the right tailored treatment can be made for you. Massage may help reduce stress, decrease pain, decrease muscle tension, increase blood flow and nutrients to tissue, decrease nerve compression due to tight muscles and increase range of motion.     

Cupping Therapy

cupping therapy offered by Armand Pinel, Registered Massage Therapist in Strathmore

Unlike massage or myofascial release, which mainly use compression techniques, Cupping treats soft tissue with decompression or suction. This option is great for anyone but especially for people who need therapy on deeper structures but may not tolerate more aggressive treatment like deep tissue or cross-fiber frictions. It is a powerful detoxifier, helps reduce pain, promotes relaxation, facilitates soft tissue release, loosens and lifts connective tissue, breaks up and drains tissue stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles in ways not possible using compression.

Myofascial Release

myofascial release offered by Armand Pinel, Registered Massage Therapist in Strathmore


Prices offered by Armand Pinel, Registered Massage Therapist in Strathmore

Myofascial Release differs from massage as no oil or lotion is used, there is usually no gliding along the tissue and techniques are held for up to two minutes or longer. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that encases, penetrates and binds our tissue and body parts together. Chronic tension and trauma can cause this fascia to become stuck or restricted, possibly leading to structural imbalances, pain and loss of range of motion. Myofascial Release uses a combination of traction, compression and twisting maneuvers. These create a sustained load and stretch into the restrictions. They are held, without gliding, until the restriction releases or relaxes, which may take two or more minutes. Fascia responds well to these non-gliding techniques held over a sustained time. 

30 min - $55     45 min - $75     60 min - $95     90 min - $140

*All prices include GST

Direct Billing

We can direct bill most insurance companies.

Cancellation Policy

At my discretion, 50% of the treatment value will be applied for any missed appointment or cancellation made less than 24 hours preceding your appointment.

*Please leave a comment when booking if you wish to include 2 or all 3 of the modalities listed on this page in your treatment.



Centerpoint Chiropractic

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Cell: 403 - 324 - 1783

Fax: 403 - 901 - 6099

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* Regular clinic reception hours are

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Business Hours for Armand Pinel, Registered Massage Therapist in Strathmore

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